SMS campaigns are fantastic way to reach your target audience in a personal, targeted and cost effective way.

Turn Your Slowest Days into Your Best Days. Reach your customers no matter where they are and make an immediate impact on their buying decisions and your bottom line 

95% of all text messages are read. It's no small wonder why everyone is going mobile. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations use SMS Text Messages to reach a larger audience of potential customers and clients via mobile phones.




                                              IS ON THE CLOUD
For you to use our solution you only need to have internet access, you don't need to be a computer person, install any software or configure any application. If you know how to access the internet and know how to read and send email, you will be able to use our system.

OUR TEXT TO SCREEN ALSO IS IN THE CLOUD. This make it very easy to use, no any configuration,  installation or any special setup. You only need the internet, a PC or Laptop and a TV screen. Because our text to screen is in the CLOUD this make it very affordable. Our text to screen can be use in the schools, churches, bar, clubs, conference, meeting, political rallies and more

                         SOME SAMPLE OF HOW THIS SYSTEM CAN BE USE  
                                     TEXT-TO-SCREEN SYSTEM 
The key to any successful marketing tool is to captivate your participants and make them coming back for more
                                                                 Some Benefits of Text-to-Screen

Increase audience participation through live interaction, Increase your brand recognition, Increase your user base, Sell advertising
space on the screen

                                                                      Some Ideas On Who Can Use It

Convention and Conference Centers, Entertainment Companies, TV Stations, Sports Arenas, Concerts, Bars and Nightclubs, Trade Shows, Political Rallies, Religious Institutions, All Leaning Institutions

To see life sample of Text-To-Screen:  

                                      MOBILE APPLICATIONS 

We create a professional mobile app that will appeal to your targeted audience and help you build a reliable Mobile brand identity.

Our in-house mobile developers provide the most advanced level of expertise.

We will analyze your website and build a mobile-friendly design that will respond well in on any device and we will integrate this with your SMS Text Marketing System.

Patent Pending 

Our Business Phone Unify communication Comprise More Than 40 Business Phone Features



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