Need a way to stand out in a Competitive Real Estate Market?
Now you can:
Instantly send Property Information to Home Buyers 24/7 Collect Cell Phone Numbers of Buyers Actively Looking for Homes 
Person drives by a property and sees a For Sale sign with a mobile keyword printed on the sign Person texts the keyword (something like "Home144") to 404-444-4444

Person receives an automated response, something like "4 bed, 4 bath, 2000 square ft. List price $950,000. For more info call Dan at 888-300-3002 or go to

Person has opted-in to the home's mobile distribution list, and now using our system you can text this person in the future with any updates.

With our system, you’ll have the cell phone numbers of everyone inquiring into each of your properties.  Let’s say the seller of a specific property drops their price.  Wouldn’t it be nice to send everyone that inquired into that property a text message with the new pricing?  Or, better yet, call them... you’ve got their number!  If a new property is listed, how about sending the new property information to the people that were interested in a similar one? Is there an Open House coming up? Send the details to everyone that asked about that property.


Information about your property is available 24/7.

Deliver whatever property information you want when requested.

Capture the phone number of each inquiry.

Great system for collecting prospects and house hunters of all kinds

Inexpensive, effective information delivery system.

Puts your property information on people’s phones, no paper

Prospects don't have to leave their car to get a brochure

Update information (e.g., price changes) immediately instead of reprinting brochures

Save money on copying brochures and flyers

Save time running around refilling brochure boxes

Capture prospects' phone numbers for easy text messaging follow-up -- price drops!

Green - no paper, no ink, no driving to refill boxes



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