This new text to screen chat is coooool!!!!!

Hi Big Dady in the house tonight

Who care about big dady

Hi bar man we need some bud here on your right hand side

3 men and 3 ladies sitting in the left corner need some bud too

Free test drink on the east bar, anyone care for some?

$2.50 for drink special tonight till 11.30 pm

I am single and I come to party tonight

DJ give me some cool, cool music

Lady in blue will you care to join the gentle man sitting on the left corner with blue shirt?

Who know where to get some good food in this area this time?

I am in love with that lady in yellow dress

Sorry due! She already has a man

Lady in Red will you care to dance with me

Sorry due I only dance with my man

Where are all the single ladies in the club tonight? I am single and I need someone to party with

I like you style Beautiful